the story of Warmth for my Wrists

Last fall I was thinking of my wrists and those fantastic creations- fingerless gloves. They are brilliant. Your wrists, and consequentially your pulse points, are kept warm without binding up your fingers. Your are then free to type, write, work on cars, fix spaceships, whatever it is that you need to accomplish. That was only the beginning.


Torino Bulky Yarn - Print

One of my favorite local yarn shops, Knit and Pearl, does these great little get togethers called ‘Yarn Tastings’ where everyone receives little samples of yarn to test knit… all the while falling in love with the latest and greatest fibers of the season. This is where I was introduced to Torino Bulky; when they say bulky, they mean bulky. I knew it the moment I knit with it. It would be perfect for my fingerless mitts, all squishy and warm. Must. Buy.

This is when the idea was born.

Wrist Warmers

Warmers of my Wrists

After returning home with what I felt was a sufficient amount of yarn, I started searching for that perfect pattern. The thing my yarn would grow up to be. I found nothing to live up to my satisfaction for my perfect yarn. A result that can be blamed on the shortage of patterns for mittens written for bulky yarn. Most patterns are written for sock weight, not BULKY. So began the Warmers of my Wrists journey.

They would need to be tight but roomy enough to allow for the stretch the bulky Torino would give me. I sat with my sketch book and contemplated the shaping, the squish, the color. They would need to be simple with just the tiniest hint if femininity; just like me. I decided a simple repeating cable that would lead from the cuff to the thumb would be just right.

So here they are, I am happy to present: Warmers of my Wrists. And they are just about as perfect as I dreamed they could be. How often does that happen!

Ravelry Link: Warmers of my Wrists

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One Response to the story of Warmth for my Wrists

  1. Lindsey says:

    Cool blog! Now add more entries! I know there are more things out there that you have made and photographed…

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