yarn lust

Preface: for those of you who are not knitters, you probably will not understand the obvious wanton lust as described below in association with a completely inanimate object, more specifically, a ball of fiber. There is something purely joyful and romantic in the squeezing, touching, and loving of a ball of special or unique yarn. Sometimes it can happen with a rather ordinary ball of yarn, something about its color, weight, twist… it is a really mystical thing. Similar to that connection between Lassie and Timmy. Or maybe it is in the force…

The hardest part of owning yarn that falls into the “lustful” section of your stash is the inevitable question of what to do with it. I mean, how practical is it to just put a ball of yarn on a shelf under a glass bell jar and stare at it for the rest of your natural life? Although slightly fulfilling in the knowledge that it will be forever protected and passed on to your children, this is also an empty promise. As knitters we create based on inspiration and passion. This yarn deserves to become something, to grow up to be something useful.

I have just this sort of yarn currently in my possession. It isn’t the first, and surely wont be the last, but it nonetheless is there, waiting to blossom like a butterfly from a cocoon. This was a gift yarn, a birthday gift yarn, handspun by a dear friend, in a colorway specifically chosen for me…. the very pressure of its uniqueness is what has caused it to sit under the glass since August. Every aspect of its spinning was thought of with ME in mind. What could it possibly become that would satisfy its thoughtful creation? Only time will tell….

Aloft Fiber

Aloft Fiber's 'Moss Heart'

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One Response to yarn lust

  1. micamynx says:

    That is some seriously pretty handspun. I can understand your angst.

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