Seafoam Scarf

Seafoam Scarf

The inspiration for this scarf came more as a need to experiment with a unique and different yarn. Have you worked with Habu’s Stainless before? It is beyond unique. Stiff but somehow incredibly delicate. It beckons to be played with. Scrunch it or stretch it; it is like an amorphous blob with a life of its own. Now the most typical thing to do with this yarn is to knit the very popular Kusha Kusha scarf. I did one of these to learn the steps this yarn had to teach me but I felt it needed to go further. This special yarn is destined for so much more than just a Kush Kusha.

When felted with Merino, the fabric takes on a thick and thin aspect that reminds me of the foam that washes up on the beach, riding on the edge of the waves. I wanted to do something that would imitate that fluidity and yet solid form.

So my Seafoam Scarf was born. It employs much of the same techniques as the Kusha Kusha but is completely different in form. This is perfect as a wrapped up scarf or even as a short shawl. I hope it reminds you of foggy beach walks as much as it does for me.

Ravelry Link: Seafoam Scarf


seafoam on the beach mixed with the seaweed

beach images

a day at the beach

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2 Responses to seafoam

  1. Lynne Macdonald says:

    Love the idea but can’t see whole shawl. What I see looks great I NEED THE PATTERN!!!!

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