And the holidays have officially begun…

The past couple of weeks have been a bit more busy than usual. Most specifically because the husband and I traveled north to Chico to spend Thanksgiving with my family. This meant much laughter all over extremely wonderful and far too much food. Favorite restaurants, Grandmother’s dinner table, all of the usual suspects were there. We ate Turkey, enjoyed Mexican food, and wandered some of my favorite spots from my childhood. It was wonderful. I am so Thankful.

Moo Cows Chico State

Moo Cows out at the Chico State Farm

We took a drive on Saturday up to the Shasta Caverns near Redding. We toured the geological formations hidden at the lake’s edge and buried deep in a section of mountain. The sights were so inspirational. The tour guide was that perfect combination of highly intelligent and informative plus goofy and quirky.

Lake Shasta Caverns and the Art of Brick exhibit in Redding, CA

The Art of the Brick and Lake Shasta Caverns

We also stopped in Redding to see the relatively new Turtle Bay area. Not new, but new to me, it has a fantastic little museum chronicling local history and ecology as well as a couple art exhibit spaces. In one we learned all about different types of animal “poop”. The other was the traveling exhibit: “Art of the Brick”, a fantastic Lego sculpture exhibit. If you have the chance to see it, it is definitely a must.

My favorite part of Turtle Bay was the Sundial Bridge and native garden. So many locals were out walking their dogs and playing with their children. It was a perfect sunshine filled but completely crisp cold afternoon walking through native grasses. The whole day trip inspired me to work on mittens, hats, and scarves…. however knitting time on such a trip is a little scarce. I am sure the coming weeks will be filled with some truly winter-y knitting now that we have returned home.

Our last little excursion was up to the Honey Run Bridge; an old covered bridge just outside of Chico. It was absolutely beautiful up there. The oak trees were ruggedly handsome, one of my favorite things from my hometown. It was wonderful trip that reminded me just how much I have to be Thankful for.

Oaks at Honey Run

Oak trees up at the Honey Run Bridge in Chico, CA

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2 Responses to thankful

  1. Karen Haenke says:

    Love the blog! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. nice photos 🙂
    the brick sculpture is great 🙂

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