it’s been so long…

I kept thinking to myself that it has been way too long since I posted anything to the blog. I told myself, you really should get on there and say something… Anything! Much to my dismay, it has actually been almost a year since I have shared anything with you. So much has been going on, in fact so much that I could make the argument that I have been too busy to write. But you wouldn’t buy that, would you? Go ahead, I have invoked the look of shame, a moment of silence for my slacking, and we are moving on.

I was happily lucky enough to take part in a design contest this last summer for Jimmy Beans Wool. I designed the Meadow Bolero for the contest and was so thrilled to win. The design came out even lovelier than I first imagined and it really gave me the serious dose of self esteem that I needed to move forward with more designs.

So what is on my needles now?

I have a pair of dark gray socks on needles that were a special request by my husband. They have an emblem in the top side that is from one of his favorite video games. I have one done but I am not happy with the tension through the intarsia passage so I am afraid that means I will be ripping out soon. Time to try a different technique I suppose.

I also have a new design on needles at the moment. It is destined to be a cowl that fits snugly with some accents of cables and pleats. It sounds horrid when described like that but it really is turning out quite cute. I am looking forward to sharing it with you when it is done. For now, here are some sneak peak shots.

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2 Responses to it’s been so long…

  1. Noni says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished cowl! The yarn is lovely! Fabulous color!

  2. Michael-Lyn says:

    Looking forward to seeing your new cowl! So glad you’re doing more designing (and blogging)! 🙂

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