miss babs…

'A Day at Browlers Antique Store'

Of course all of my good intentions did me very little good. I attended Stitches West with the intention and seeing and taking it all in with a little goal to not spend too much. Let me tell you first hand, this was an impossible goal. There were so many neat things to see and touch. Especially all the hand painted, hand dyed, hand spun, hand crafted yarn.

My new favorite hand dyer to add to my short list is Miss Babs. I hadn’t even heard of her before Stitches and now I see that I have been missing out. I am in LOVE with her “Yowza, What Skein!” yarn. It is a lovely worsted weight yarn that is squishy and all things comforting. And the colors she is dyeing it in are enough to take your breath away. It was so hard to choose just one but I was successful and walked away with only one skein of it. Don’t worry, I will be back. Thankfully she has a website so I will be able to continually feed my new addiction.

'A Day at Browlers Antique Store'

I also picked up a few of Miss Babs’ mini skeins called “Yummy Toes”. It is a nice heavy sock weight yarn and it came in all the fantastic color ways as the other yarns. This way, I get to play with a little more colors without buying so many full skeins. Smart right?

'Into the Abyss' and 'Beachglass'

'Timberline' and 'Lilac'

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