new containment units

I picked up several fantastic containment type units at Stitches West.

One word: ‘Namaste’. I know, it makes me smile too.

I have the very large and very in charge ‘Hermosa’ bag. It is fantastic for toting everything you need around. What I bought at Stitches is the ‘Zuma’ bag. I have lusted after it online for quite some time. It was nice to see it in person at Stitches. There is something so fantastic when looking at bags with being able to check out all the pockets and really see what it is all about. It is so fantastic, it convinced me I had to buy Zuma. So it came home with me.

Zuma in Peacock

Also in new containment units, I picked up some fantastic stitch markers with cute little tins to store them in. They are made by Miss Purl and are they ever sparkly and cute! Miss Purl is from Portland Oregon and all of her stuff was nice neat and very high quality. I am so excited to have a couple of sets from her collection.

decorative tin for green stitch markers

new green stitch markers

blue stitch markers with pin-up tin

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