I have been working on a new pattern that is finally ready to be shared. Introducing the Starburst Baby Blanket!

One of my best friends was pregnant with her fourth child and when I learned it was going to be her third girl in a row, the thought of creating another pinky-feminine-little-girly blanket was a little daunting. I really wanted to make a baby blanket that would be subtly soft and feminine but a little different. A geometric pattern with lots of texture and interest seemed to be just the ticket.

So was born this geometric chart. In repetition it makes a really nice textured blanket. My finished product was a little small but perfectly child sized for carrying around. The pattern can easily be modified to be larger depending on what you individually want.

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One Response to starburst

  1. aloftfibers says:

    I love it, Heather! It looks great, especially in the red.

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