evelyn’s blanket

I did complete one major knitting accomplishment in anticipation of my sweet baby girl, I made her a blanket. I of course started this before I knew if she would be a he or a she so I chose simple patterning and color that would suite either sex. I wanted something geometric and repetitive. So I used EZ’s ‘February Square Shawl‘ as my base and added the characteristics I wanted my blanket to have from there. EZ’s pattern is so simple and adaptable that it makes a really great base (as seen by all of the vastly diverse completed projects on Ravelry for this pattern).

I wanted to do something in worsted weight. Probably because there was a logical part of my brain screaming that if my pregnancy symptoms didn’t get better, I may not want to spend hours fiddling with lace weight yarn. I should have listened a little better to that voice! I settled on the wonderfully luxurious Yowza! by Miss Babs. I just love this yarn!

The beginning was so fun, knitting in a round and working increases tends to mislead you. You think ‘gosh this will go so fast’… 10 rows later and you are not so excited about how FAST you are going. So maybe I lost a little momentum, still going to blame it on the acid reflux.

In the end, I am thrilled with the blanket. It is so pretty and extremely sturdy. I know sturdy is not one of those flowery words we usually use to describe our knitting, but here it really fits and in a very positive way. We use it all of the time both indoors and out. It holds up to the rigorous in and out of the car, tucked in the stroller, sometimes dragging on the ground, being chewed on, and the dog trying to lay on it as well. What more could you ask for in a blanket? Um yes, it is washable!

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One Response to evelyn’s blanket

  1. lazersheep says:

    That’s a lovely blanket! I’m working on coming up with a pattern for my soon-to-be little girl, and this has given me some ideas for sure.

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