rockets red glare

Have you heard of yarn bombing? That fantastically fun activity that is world-wide and is joining knitters everywhere together is truly inspiring. Well I have done a little of my own.

One of my husband’s many hobbies is model rockets. They are a lot of fun to build and launch, especially with a group of kids. So when the gang started making plans to gather for a rocket launch, I started making some plans of my own. Aided with dimensions for one of the scheduled models, I knit up a ‘rocket sock’ for it to wear during is journey. No rocket should ever go cold, right?

My ‘rocket sock’ is very basic and uses scraps of leftover sock yarn in fun stripes. Adding a 2×2 rib to the top and bottom helped it to stay in place. I was quite impressed that it didn’t slide around or come off during any part of the rockets’ journey and traveled safely back to me on the ground after its flight. What do you think, is it the first knitting to be launched into the air? Maybe!

I hope you all had a very fun and safe Fourth of July!!


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One Response to rockets red glare

  1. Noni says:

    What a perfect yarn bomb! And it fit perfectly and made for a very stylish rocket! Sweet!

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