easter… just around the corner

Easter is just around the corner and I am really looking forward to it this year. My sweet E. is 1 now and will be hunting for eggs and visited by the Easter bunny for the first time. I can’t wait to experience this magical time through her eyes. Plus, I am also very ready for all things Spring.

I am not really big on dyeing eggs each year. We are organizing an egg hunt with friends this year and so I have employed plain ol’ plastic eggs to get the job done. But I just saw a post over on terrain that makes me desperately wish I had planned to dye eggs this year.

Aren’t they GORGEOUS!!

I have been seeing lost of posts out there lately with ideas for using natural dyes for your eggs. This instructional uses red cabbage as its dye but plenty of other sites have lists of ingredients you can use to get other colors. How fun is that?!?

Well, who knows, maybe my house will end up smelling like hard boiled eggs this afternoon after all…

Have a Happy and Fun Easter everyone!

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2 Responses to easter… just around the corner

  1. I didn’t manage to decorate eggs this year. I love how these look! Happy Easter.

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