afternoon knitting


Afternoon knitting while the little one naps. Ahhhhh… that’s nice.

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2 Responses to afternoon knitting

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I can appreciate your happiness in this afternoon knitting while the kids are sleeping….so nice to get that small amount in the day of knitting. I treasured every moment of it while it lasted…looking forward to seeing what is on your needle too. love the colour too…
    Happy knitting.

    • themknits says:

      It was absolutely lovely. Nice to sit down and take a few deep quiet breaths now and again.
      I just started the Dovetail Cowl by Carina Spencer. It is a nice and simple textured cowl. I fell in love with this color when my LYS was closing so I bought a couple skeins not knowing what I’d do. Loving this project so far.

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