busy knitting…

I haven’t posted many finished pictures on here lately but that has altogether too much to do with lack of photos and less to do with lack of projects.

I have been really busy knitting, I swear. It is to the point now that my husband has repeated on more than one occasion “let me guess, you want to sit and knit this evening”… Oh yea, that is when you know that you are spending a lot of your time knitting away.

Unfortunately, one very large project I have been working on can’t be shared in this very public space because it is a gift. And I don’t want the recipient to spy it. So what can I show you?


Well I finished an Odessa hat for my little girl. She loves it. It is a little large on her but it fits just fine now and she will have plenty of time to grow into it. It isn’t a child-sized pattern but written for an adult. Did I let that stop me, heck no! I just downsized my needles and knew it was going to be slouchy. Came out great!


I also finished my Dovetail Cowl ages ago. It has even been worn recently on a chilly evening. Does that mean I have photos to share. Unfortunate, I know… I need to get on it with my photos.

I am in-progress on a fun wrap with my squirreled away Lorna’s Laces “Christmas at Downton” yarn. We will see how that one goes. I am concerned about the way the multi-color seems to be pooling a bit. And I am kind of a stickler for that kind of thing.

So for now, I wish you all happy knitting. Fall seems to have arrived at last. It really can’t come soon enough each year and I am always so happy when it does finally settle in.

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One Response to busy knitting…

  1. Michael-Lyn says:

    So happy you are making so much knitting time, Heather! The hat for Evelyn is darling!

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