feb 7: a practice of gratitude

I am reading a really wonderful book right now that is helping to remind me that I need to stay in the present and enjoy every moment. It is incredibly calming to tell myself to take a deep breath and look around at what I have right now, in this instant, and why it makes me so happy. As I lay in bed this morning, during those precious quiet moments before my daughter gets up and my husband leaves for work, I was thinking about how beneficial it would be to make myself record occasionally these things that bring me gratitude in my daily life. 

I’ve seen a lot on other blogs about posting a single image once a week or a collection of thankfulness each week. And I think it is a lovely idea.

I guess this is my sort of version. And I am starting right now, in this moment. Three things that make me happy, thankful, and wholesome.

fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
the smell of fresh rain
the first sprout of freshly planting seeds

IMG_9574 - Version 2

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