Bee-Sweet Tea Cozy

I’ve always been impressed with some of the super cute tea cozy patterns out there. I am not a huge tea drinker, alternating between tea and coffee as the mood strikes, and I don’t own my own teapot so I have had no reason to knit a cozy to date. Well a good friend of mine has recently started throwing very special monthly tea parties. It is a great chance for the ladies to all get together for some good food and friendly chit chat.

Enter here >>>>> my chance to knit a tea cozy!

Out of all the ones I have seen out there, I think the Beehive Tea Cozy has been my favorite. So now with a great reason, lovely yarn, and free pattern (yipppeeee!!!) I have no more excuses.

I used some modifications already pioneered by frazzledknitter on Ravelry. Mostly, she adapted the pattern to fit her teapot size and to use worsted weight yarn which was what I (mostly) had on hand. Getting just the right color of yarn was critical for this project. I have seen it done in different colors, but there is nothing quite as adorable as the original honey yellow. I also used frazzledknitter’s instructions for knitting a wee bumblebee to adorn the tea cozy. Alone, this little bee is so stinking adorable, I can hardly contain myself!


See what I mean?!?

The knitting itself went smoothly. My only difficulty came when it was time to seam the two sides (it is knit flat in two pieces) together. I had to borrow said friend’s teapot so I would know where to leave holes for the spout and handle. All the while “I’m a little teapot” running through my head… “here is my handle, here is my spout”…

IMG_9780 IMG_9781 IMG_9783

I found that the cozy fit the teapot almost exactly but is maybe a little bit too much on the snug side. I wish it had just a bit more ease.

Here are the measurements of this particular teapot, in case you are looking to make your own.

IMG_9784-dimensionOne thing I think I would change if I made this again: I would use a provisional cast on for the two pieces. Here is why. Teapots came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are quite a bit taller than others. If I had done a provisional cast on, I could have seamed the two sides then picked up my bottom stitches to add some height/length to the cozy.


The cozy fit really well width wise on my friends other teapot but as you can see in the pictures, it is not quite tall enough. This second teapot has a pedestal style base which is why it is so much taller. It fits and works just fine, but it would have been nice to have the option to add a couple more rounds of bump out so that it would fit completely.


Overall, I am super pleased with how this teapot cozy came out and I can’t wait to gift it to my tea-loving friend.


One last photo… my daughter did not appreciate that I was taking photos in front of her play kitchen without her being in the shot… so she did a little photo bombing. 🙂 My sweets.

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2 Responses to Bee-Sweet Tea Cozy

  1. I love it! I have been wanting to knit a tea cozy for sometime now. And this is the one! Thanks! I am not familiar with tea cozies (this being my first) and I was wondering how it goes on. You mention having more ease and I was wondering if the handle to base was left open,with I-cords at base to tie closed and a button, frog, or another cords to fasten the body in the handle area or under handle, depending on teapot shaping? Could this work?

    • themknits says:

      This was my first tea cozy too 🙂 With regards to ease, I modified the pattern to fit a different size teapot and to use a different weight yarn than what was called for. So I think the problem of it being a tad too tight is more my fault than anything else. I think it would have been just great if it had been a little wider (CO more stitches).

      With regards to specific construction, I think your idea is great! It may be easier if the base was left un-seemed and then fasteners attached for keeping it gathered. The recipient of this cozy commented that she was nervous to use it at a large tea party we had because she knew she was going to be refilling the pot often and didn’t want to risk burns or spills when wrestling the cozy on and off the pot.

      Good luck with your cozy!!

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