life in the garden

We have spent a lot of time this last winter and spring working in our garden. Before, our backyard was a place we rarely ventured (there are a lot reasons behind this, none of which worth mentioning right at this exact moment!). But with E getting bigger and exploring her world, I find my passion for having a garden to tend and love has been rekindled. I want to share with her the love of gardening that my mom gave me.


The best part of having a vegetable garden is getting to enjoy the “fruits” of our labor. We have been eating many fresh salads with greens and spinach fresh from our garden. Just about every herb I use in cooking these days gets cut straight from out our back door.


I am getting adventurous in my cultivation and am expecting my first home grown cantaloupe in the coming weeks. Maybe I will throw it a party?


But our biggest surprise has been the return of all sorts of wildlife to our back garden. Lots of butterflies and bees. Then we got a huge surprise when we discovered that a pair of juncos decided to build a nest in the flower box on top of E’s play structure. Not such a wise decision in my opinion since the 2-year-old and dog have ready access to the flower box, but there you have it. We decided to close E’s “park” for the weeks it takes for the babies to hatch and leave the nest.

1280I checked earlier this week and saw one wee baby birdy looking up at me. I didn’t linger. The last thing I want is for Mom and Dad to desert the nest! So for now, I am doing as limited gardening as I can manage without letting things dye and keeping the kids (toddler and dog) away from the nest as much as possible. I suppose this just leaves more time for knitting…


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